We do not disclose our speaker list in advance (here’s the rationale about why), but we recognize that it can be helpful to have a general sense of what to expect from a conference.

To that end, we have a high-level agenda published here. If you’d like a further sense of content to expect, please check out some of the talks from our previous events or browse the conference recaps from the team.

Steve O’Grady: The 2022 Monktoberfest
Steve O’Grady: The 2019 Monktoberfest
Rachel Stephens: Recap of Monktoberfest 2018 Speakers
Steve O’Grady: The 2018 Monktoberfest
Rachel Stephens: My Path Into Tech + An Ode to Monktoberfest
Steve O’Grady: In Defense of Small Conferences
Steve O’Grady: The 2017 Monktoberfest
James Governor: Monktoberfest is Not a Tech Conference
Steve O’Grady: The 2016 Monktoberfest
Steve O’Grady: The 2015 Monktoberfest
Fintan Ryan: Monktoberfest, Conferences and Regrets
Steve O’Grady: The 2014 Monktoberfest
Steve O’Grady: The 2013 Monktoberfest
Steve O’Grady: Monktoberfest 2012
Steve O’Grady: A Brief History of the Monktoberfest

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