When is the conference?
Block out Thursday October 5th and Friday October 6th immediately. We’ve tried to balance a number of concerns in picking the date, but it’s impossible not to overlap with something these days. Our apologies/condolences if you have a conflict.

Where is it?
The conference will be held in downtown real Portland, which you may know as Portland, Maine.

I’m interested in sponsorship: who do I contact?
Great! Contact  Juliane Leary (jleary@redmonk.com) for more info about getting your brand in front of some of the best technologists in the world.

Why is it in Portland?
Because it’s an incredible town with amazing beer.

Isn’t it hard to get there?
Nope. We have an airport and everything. Flights are pretty similar to Boston’s. Which you can drive from, incidentally.

Who should attend?
It is highly recommended that technologists that like the best beers from all over the world attend.

Is this another damned social media conference?
Negative. Think more along the lines of GitHub’s motto: “social coding.” Our speakers will explore how social trends can change the way we build and use technology, and how technology in turn can change the way we socialize.

When should I plan to arrive/depart?
If you’re able, plan to arrive the night before (Wed, 10/5) the conference: we’ll be hosting a pre-conference event which will include – obviously – good beer. The conference will be all day Thursday, with keynotes, sessions, breakouts and beer. At the conclusion of the event, you’re going to need to stay over: we’ll be hosting a multi-course beer tasting and dinner. You will be treated to nothing less than the best beers from countries all over the world, many of which you cannot get anywhere else in the US. We’ll wrap up early Friday afternoon after a half day’s worth of sessions.