COVID Policy

As the organizers of the event, we want to make sure that everyone knows what to expect with respect to COVID, our related preparations, and our ability to hold the event.

Let us say two things up front:

  • First, that if we determine that it’s not safe to hold the event, we will not hold the event. We’re hard at work planning and preparing, but we will of course postpone to keep people safe if that becomes necessary.
  • Second, we promise, for your planning purposes, that our COVID policies will not get any less restrictive than they are now; if they change, it would only be adding further requirements.

Speaking of planning, three other things you need to know before attending:

  • Vaccinations: We will be requiring proof of vaccination, which will be verified through our partner Attend Safe. We’ll be in touch about how and what the specific vaccination requirements will be as the availability becomes clear over the next few months, but for your planning assume it’s the maximum available number of doses for your age group. We apologize to would-be attendees from geographies where vaccinations are not yet available, but this is the only way that we know how to conduct the event safely.
  • Masks: Masks will not be mandatory, but those that wish to wear masks certainly will have our full support (and many of us will be masked ourselves). To be clear this is not a statement on our part about masks, which we believe in strongly, but strictly a function of the realities of our space and people eating and drinking during the event. We wanted to be clear on this up front.
  • Testing: We will be conducting pre-event and during the event testing. Our partner will ship every attendee 3 rapid tests prior to the conference to bring with you, and every attendee will need to test daily (Wed/Thurs/Fri) and submit their results to Attend Safe before they will be allowed to attend the event.Attendees that do not clear the tests will unfortunately not be able to attend the event but we will of course refund their tickets immediately.
  • Ventilation: We are working on maximizing ventilation for the event in two ways: first by adjusting our choice of venue to allow for both improved airflow and outside space, and second by leveraging multiple high quality portable air filtration devices.

If you have any questions not answered here, or if you have a ticket but can no longer make it, contact and we’ll get the questions answered or the tickets refunded.

Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed that we’re able to get together next year and we will do the same.

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