We are planning to hold the tenth annual Monktoberfest on October 7-8, 2021, and tickets are on sale here. (Update: this current lot of tickets is currently sold out, but please join the waitlist to be notified if and when we’re able to increase our venue capacity.) Our final decision on the event and total capacity for the event will be dependent on the overall trajectory of COVID-19 case rates and other related pandemic circumstances, but right now everything is a go.

Tickets include:
– entrance to conference sessions
– conference meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks on day 1; breakfast on day 2) + plenty of coffee
– attendee welcome event
– attendee dinner / beer pairing
– some awesome swag

One important note for sponsors: the only sponsorships that come with seats to the conference are our Trappist or Abbot level packages. If you have not purchased one of those, you do need to buy a seat. Contact us if you have any questions about that. Confirmed speaker? You’re all set.

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