Why Sponsor?

The Monktoberfest is an intimate, exclusive and much-discussed event. By sponsoring it, you become an integral part of that conversation. Besides being the only event of its kind blending beer and technology, it’s an exclusive, high profile developer conference. Those who help us underwrite the costs of the conference don’t do so to buy speaking slots or a few square feet of booth space – which are not sold in any event – they do so because they want to help us build the premier developer conference in the world, and share in the credit for that.

This is a unique opportunity to reach an elite audience of technical people that transcend traditional developer categories. Just as you can’t find beers like this anywhere else in the world, you won’t find a crowd like this anywhere else in the world. From CEOs to hardcore developers and to sysadmins to marketers to DBAs, the person sitting next to you is probably responsible for some of the software you use every day.

The following sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Morgan Harris with any questions you might have about the programs, including pricing.

General Sponsorship Programs

Trappist Sponsorship

The Trappist sponsor – named in honor of the famous Belgian monasteries – will be the lead sponsor for the conference, prominently featured in our official event materials, including slides, and mentioned during the event introduction and conclusion. The Trappist sponsor will further be cited as the lead Monktoberfest sponsor on our corporate and individual Twitter feeds (with a combined reach in the tens of thousands), and we will retweet (conditional on approval) a Tweet of your selection. Trappist sponsors also receive four free seats at the event and will have the right to post promotional materials.

Abbot Sponsorship

Abbot sponsors will be mentioned after Trappist sponsors in our official event materials. Abbot sponsors will further be cited as such on our corporate and individual Twitter feeds. Abbot sponsors also receive three free seats at the event.

Item Sponsorship Programs

NEW! Safety and Security Sponsor

To hold events safely in the COVID era, RedMonk invests heavily in the health, safety and security of our event. From free onsite masks to an intensive testing and reporting regimen that begins prior to attendance and continues for the duration of the event, a process managed by a third party specialist, we do everything in our power to make the event as safe as it can possibly be for all attendees. Last year, in fact, we had four positive would-be attendees who tested positive prior to their travel, and only one attendee tested positive during or in the immediate post-event period, meaning that these investments in safety had a direct, meaningful and measurable impact on our attendees’ health. Your sponsorship will help cover these costs, and you will be cited during the event as the one helping make the event safe and secure. You also have the option of providing your own branded N95/KN95 masks if so desired.

Video Series Sponsor

RedMonk will film and produce each session at the conference. All videos will be posted on RedMonk TV and the community (RedMonk blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) following the event to maximize distribution. You will be given an intro piece, a pre-roll of up to 6 seconds, produced by RedMonk for use in each video in the series. You may also provide a link (your company, specific campaign, or product) for use in each video post on the RedMonk site. See examples of materials from past Monktoberfest and Monki Gras conferences.

Diversity Program Sponsor

RedMonk is committed to improving underrepresented communities’ access to tech events. This year we’re offering financial assistance to help bring people to Monktoberfest that would otherwise be unable to attend. Your sponsorship will help cover the cost of conference passes and travel expenses for diversity scholars. You will be cited in event materials and receive public thanks in our corporate and individual Twitter feeds.

Conference Dinner Sponsor

Bringing the best food and beers from all over the world to thirsty geeks isn’t cheap, but we’re doing it anyway. Kick in some cash for this amazing, not to be duplicated tasting and dinner and you’ll get placement on the venue’s tables, mentions as we close the day and a thank you to kick off the tasting.

Closed-Captioning Sponsor

As part of our ongoing efforts to make the Monktoberfest a more accessible, diverse and inclusive event, we are following in the footsteps of our sister event the Monki Gras and introducing closed-captioning to the event. This will allow attendees with any difficulties hearing to fully participate and enjoy event talks, and will in fact improve the event for all attendees. You will be cited in event materials, thanked as a supporter of our D&I efforts at the outset of the event and receive public thanks in our corporate and individual Twitter feeds (Twitter reach 34K+).

Lunch Sponsor

Our catered lunch will be fit for Maine. Help us feed everybody, and you’ll get placement on the serving tables and a public thank you as we head into break.

Dinner Cruise Sponsor

This private cruise around Casco Bay was such a hit for the past three years, we’ve decided to do it again! The voyage is on the eve of Monktoberfest, October 6th and the dock is within walking distance to area hotels and downtown Portland. You’ll be providing guests with hand-selected craft beer and dinner as we charter a private boat tour around the Casco Bay Islands in Portland.

Beer Glass Sponsor

Would you like your company name imprinted on the official Monktoberfest glass? Each attendee will receive a 2018 Monktoberfest beer glass. Along with the Monktoberfest logo, your company name will be imprinted on the opposite side and remembered each time someone pours themselves a craft beverage forever after. Raise your glass to the sponsor – cheers!

Job Board Sponsor

What’s it worth to have premium placement and branding on a job board featuring some of the best technologists in the business? Given that several of last year’s attendees landed cool new jobs at the Monktoberfest, it’s an important question to consider. Your sponsorship will include a job board carrying your brand as well as special individual job listings that will stand out for any open roles you have.  

Buy a Round, Unlimited Available

We’ll be sourcing and serving some of the finest beers in the world to provide the ultimate craft beer experience. Help us defray the costs of a round for the attendees, and you’ll get a personal thank you before it’s served – and dozens more from the developers you just made very happy. Where possible, we will match specific selections to specific sponsors where there is a connection (geographical, naming, etc.).

Coffee Sponsor

Be the superhero and sponsor the caffeine to fuel the day. Handcrafted, micro-roasted and brewed in Portland, the selection will be fantastic!

Breakfast Sponsor

We’ll be adjourning at the developer and productivity-friendly hour of 10 AM, but we’ll be serving a great assortment of breakfast fare, with local specials.

Conference Snacks

We’re looking forward to a busy day of sessions and we’ll be making snacks available during the day. Be the snack sponsor and get your company’s name on the snack table.

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