Plans for the Monktoberfest


With the hopefully obvious caveat that this is the last thing people should be worried about right now, to the extent that people are trying to plan for the future – if only as a distraction – what we can say is that we are proceeding as if there will be a Monktoberfest. Plans are being made, venues have been booked and so on. Our belief and hope is that, should circumstances permit us to put the conference on, there will never be a more important time to get good people across this industry together to think about what we can do to help the world around us.

All of that being said, the reality is that we basically have no idea where things go from here. We have no idea what the state of the world will be, what the state of everyone’s health will be and whether, frankly, people will be ready to travel or even want to attend.

But if the crisis has passed and we’re able to play some small role in the healing process, nothing would make us happier so we’re preparing, planning and booking. We are not going to take any chances, however. This is a historically dangerous outbreak, and we have no intention of putting anybody at risk just to hold an event.

The net then is that we hope that the world at large is in a better place and that we’re able to see all of our friends together again here in Portland, and that’s what we’re preparing for.

If it’s not possible, we’ll make other plans, but until then we will look forward seeing all of you in October.

In the meantime, stay safe – and home if you’re able.

If anyone has any other questions about the show and outbreak, please feel free to contact us directly.

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